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What will still be around 5, 10, 20 years after your wedding? Not the flowers, the cake, the drink, the band (the more the merrier!), but the photos! Hopefully, you end up with a photographer (whether it be me or someone else--as long as YOU are happy) whose work you love, and with photos you'll cherish forever!

If you're shopping for the best price, then I might not be necessarily be the best option (unless you're comparing me to others in my price range). If you're looking for candids and emotions captured without compromise on quality in ANY setting, as well as worry-free photo coverage, you're off to an amazing start.

Do research and compare:

  • Ask yourself if the "photojournalistic" photographers really capture people in their element (laughing, crying, having a good time, being silly), or if they all have similar posed stuff.

  • How many of the photographers who you look at know how to LIGHT in the dark? And are dedicated enough to lug the extra equipment? Note how some reception + party photos just POP from extra lighting? Do they have photos that show that?

  • VENUE! If your venue has a glass ceiling, mirrored ceiling, or wooden walls, look for someone who does bring those extra lights! Because they won't be able to bounce it! (unless you're fine with that and OK with them delivering mostly black-and-whites for that part!)

  • How sharp are the photos? And how sharp are they in DARK conditions (where those with excellent technical skill and top equipment will definitely ensure that those important moments are captured!)?

  • Who's actually shooting your wedding? Who's editing it? Is it an associate with a different style than what you're seeing?

  • What is the photographer shooting with? Do they have backup gear? Some will shoot with top equipment and carry more because they believe in nothing but the best for you. Some will shoot with only one camera, but what if it fails? And some will have two, but one of the cameras will be an entry-level camera that won't suffice for the reception photos! ASK!

  • Think QUALITY. If the photographer has shot hundreds of weddings, then they should have some amazing photos with good variety in their portfolio Do they? Or is it all posed stuff outdoors? 

  • Some photographers whose work I admire, and hope to compare to shortly: Susan Stripling, Sam Hurd, Olga Dronova, Katie Merkle, Emin Kuliyev, Ben Chrisman. Go check them out as well and compare them to your prospective photographers!

A good photographer will let their work speak for itself, and they will not need to pressure you or offer you crazy incentives, because YOU, THE CLIENT, CLEARLY CAN SEE QUALITY YOURSELF! So seriously, go check out MULTIPLE photographers. I encourage it!


I am also available for destination work and have shot internationally as far as Australia!

Mostly everything about weddings, in pictographs.

reach me

Can send a message via the form on the left (it will go to straight to my e-mail, accessible 24/7)


- 646.481.1108 (Can call or text this!)


Bodies: Nikon D4s (x2), Nikon D750

I bring 3+ cameras to your wedding--so NEVER any worry about missing a shot due to something freakishly malfunctioning.

Primes: 20/1.8G, 24/1.4G, 40/2, 50/1.2, 58/1.4G, 85/1.4G, 105/1.4E, 105/2.8G, 200/2G VR II

Zooms: 24-70/2.8G/E, 70-200/2.8G VR II

Lighting: multiple SB-910, V860N-II, TT5, X1T/R-N, Elinchrom Rangers RX Speed AS, multiple modifiers

If you're not sure what this all means, equipment wise, 98-99% of wedding photographers would gladly trade their kit for mine. You get nothing but the best with me!