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Why Peter?

In my short time doing photography, I have been lucky enough to have clients who recognize my work for what it is. With my background in teaching math (over 12+ years) and public relations, I know what clients look for in photos. My goal is to be one of the top-10 event and wedding photographers on the East Coast within the next 2-3 years, and every week, I learn and experiment with new techniques. I will never become complacent as I am always hungry to learn. I will always be honest with you in regards to what I (and other photographers) can and cannot do.

I have been trusted to cover events and weddings where my technical ability to shoot in any condition is sought-for. I have been hired (as a house photographer) to cover various events with Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, professional athletes and team owners (NBA, MLB, NFL), Olympic Gold Medalists, internationally known artists, models, actors and actresses, Nobel Peace Prize winners in attendance.

Heck, you can even see me in the bottom left in one of those events I've been hired to cover!

With me, it's a worry-free experience. High ceilings, no ceilings, mirrored ceilings, horrible lighting? No worry. Most photographers can't say that. That's why all they show you mostly outdoor photos that are posed (and mostly posed indoor photos also)! I give you candid, raw emotions captured.

My style is modern & classic, and your photos will be heirloom.

Why invest in photography?

What will still be around years after your wedding? Not the flowers, the cake, the drink, the band (the more the merrier!), but the photos (and if you would like, videos)!

If you're shopping for the best price, then I might not be necessarily be the best option for you. But if you're looking for the best quality at fair pricing, then I'm definitely among the best options out there.

And why not invest with someone who actually invests* in you?

Do research and compare:
  • Ask yourself if the "photojournalistic" photographers really capture people in their element (laughing, crying, having a good time, being silly), or if they all have similar posed stuff.
  • How many of the photographers who you look at know how to LIGHT in the dark? And are dedicated enough to lug the extra equipment? Note how some reception + party photos just POP from extra lighting? Do they have photos that show that?

  • VENUE! If your venue has a glass ceiling, mirrored ceiling, or wooden walls, look for someone who does bring those extra lights! Because they won't be able to bounce it! (unless you're fine with that and OK with them delivering mostly black-and-whites for that part!) Make sure you see photos in such situations before you hire your photographer!
  • How sharp are the photos? And how sharp are they in DARK/challenging conditions (where those with excellent technical skill and top equipment will definitely ensure that those important moments are captured!)?
  • ASK QUALITY. If the photographer has shot hundreds of weddings, then they should have captured some amazing photos with emotions + variety in their portfolio. Do they? Why is their website mostly posed stuff outdoors or indoors and nothing else?
  • Does your photographer invest back in their skills? Do they have a drive to be better the next month or by next year? Do they invest in equipment (backup drives, dual-slotted cameras, cameras with stellar autofocus, high quality flashes with fast recycle times so they don't miss shots, etc.)? Most don't!
A good photographer will let their work speak for itself, and they will not need to pressure you or offer you fluff (extras such as albums, canvases, etc.). Fluff isn't QUALITY.

*INVESTING in you: not every photographer will really go all out to ensure that they have the best ability and opportunity to capture your important moments. I invest in new equipment that helps enable me capture moments at a higher percentage than most other photographers (lights that recycle faster, cameras with faster autofocus, better buffer, etc.)


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