Learning (for photographers and enthusiasts)!

I offer learning sessions where I teach professional and aspiring photographers about composition and lighting for events and studio. Being that I am NYC based, I shoot at a wide variety of locations, including gorgeous estates such as Oheka Castle, lofty interiors such as Cirpriani 42nd Street and CAPITALE, open-air rooftops such as The Standard, and many more. With my experience, technical know-how, and my many years of teaching, you'll learn how you could tackle any space and lighting situation out there.

Some of the many things you’ll learn and be able to do:

  • How to use directional ambient lighting, and options for when it’s not available.

  • How to deal with shooting when you can’t bounce the light (places with wooden ceilings, really high ceilings, etc.)

  • Characteristics and differences of various lighting modifiers (shoot through umbrella, white umbrellas, silver umbrellas, octaboxes, beauty dishes, V-Flats, etc.)!

  • Differences of lighting (specular, flat, soft, hard, etc.)

  • Walkthrough of excellent modifiers that are portable, flexible, and within different budgets.

  • Learn with my multiple Profoto B10s and A1s, or with your lighting system!

  • Shoot in manual confidently and adjust color temperature accurately!

If you want to learn rapidly and are willing to challenge yourself to be better than 95%+ of the photographers out there, this is a great way to learn rapidly from someone who does it!


Composition Workshop

Workshop where I teach you how to compose a solid photo in any scenario, and in any place, rain or shine, and NOT need Photoshop afterwards!


Lighting Workshop

Workshop where you learn about lighting, the math behind it, the characteristics of modifiers, and how to use lighting to give your photos a more vivid and 3 dimensional look.


Critique, Review, and Grow Session

I will personally go over up to 5 weddings with you and show you how your photos could have been better with consideration of all the tools you have, with the limited time and/or space you're shooting with.